The top casinos to visit in Australia

Casino may not be the first thing that many think of when it comes to Australia, but the activity is just as popular there as sports betting is and there are many fine casinos to be found there. The first port of call for anyone with a passion for the slots, roulette, poker and other casino favourites will surely be the Crown Casino in Melbourne. This place is so famous that it can even attract celebrity pros like Shane Warne to try out the thousands of slots and hundreds of table games. The Crown is a monumental sight, covering in excess of five hundred square metres, and is home to many types of entertainment in addition to the casino games so it will be just as suitable for families as solitary gamblers.

This is also true of its rival, the Star Casino in Sydney. Found down by the famed harbour of that city, the Star is not quite as big as the Crown, but few will be disappointed by the two huge gaming halls, luxurious casino and entertainment options that include a theatre, bars and restaurants. Of course Sydney is home to much else besides, including the iconic Opera House, and this means the Star is just one of the reasons why so many people choose to holiday there every year. If all this talk about casinos has got you in the mood to play a few games, head over to and enjoy the wide variety of games like poker and blackjack.

Another popular destination for those travelling in Australia is Adelaide, and the casino named after the city is one of the major reasons for this. The Adelaide Casino boasts a wonderful architectural exterior, which has been preserved in original form thanks to being heritage listed, but inside the casino is modern all the way from design to choice of games. It is one of the jackpot casinos for those who like a little history with their gaming, and the unusual setting within a preserved section of the railway station, makes it possibly the most eccentrically interesting casino to be found Down Under.

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