Ice hockey in Israel?

Ice hockey: Israeli team with Canadians and Americans and Canadian refs, and a Russian I am really confused. So I make this beautiful trip from Carmiel in the Nortwest of Israel to Metula, the farthest north place in Israel........ I find this cute bed and breakfast right at the border (I drove along the barbed wire fence). A guest, American lady who made Aliya with her 11 year old son from Manhattan, tells me that the Jewish World Championship Ice Hockey... read more

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Driving in morocco Ė all hellís broken loose

We all know about Darwinís theories. The strongest survives, the species that can adapt the quickest survive and so on. Itís the same with traffic in Morocco. At first glance it seems that people can drive (I mean, they must, considering the driving culture over there) but it seems that there are no rules or other laws related to it. Thatís the impression anyway. Whenever youíre behind the wheel, you need to pay attention. In Morocco, you need to pay attention 3 times more. You canít count on... read more

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