Visit MGM Grand - it's better than ever

MGM Grand Las Vegas recently finished their remodeling project that cost more than $160 million. The entire MGM was made better, starting from their 4000+ rooms and suits and finishing with new 80 000 square feet night club, not to mention everything in between. So it might be about time to head out to Las Vegas for some serious entertainment, and specifically to MGM Grand which has declared itself as the Entertainment Authority. They are offering world-class shows, nightlife, dining, spa exp... read more

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Arriiba! Mexico!

Yes, you are right. Without even noticing it, I've fallen into my summer-mode. What it means is that I get even less work done than in my winter-mode and all the work I do is preferably done outside in the sun. Of course, working outside in the sun has its own problems. Firstly, if it's not warm enough, you can't really work, can you? Then again, if it's too warm, why should you be working when you can do so many other things. If the sun is not shining, you might not get into the good enough... read more

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Planning to rent a house in Reston?

Living abroad or somewhere else in your own country for a few months can often be quite refreshing. It can do some good for your heart and soul. Or at least that’s what people tend to say. I prefer saying that getting away from your usual place of stay is sometimes just good for the sake of getting away. Just to get some time to think, live in a different place for a bit, see and interact with new different people. It can sometimes be quite refreshing. Reston is a small town with 58 000 inhab... read more

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Renting an apartments in Nice

I was just thinking what to do next or how long will my trip turn out to be. When you have skipped two nights then it really feels like you have been travelling for a week already..even though in theory it's just my second day. Considering my budget, which isn't the to great, and my spending power (which unfortunately is great) then I'll probably be around for another 7-10 days. But I'm thinking of renting an apartment for a week. It all depend on a price of course, but if I could get a nice stu... read more

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Hotels in Morocco – you get more than you pay for

Before going to Morocco, the friend I was traveling with, said it’s difficult to find clean hotels. At least from his experience in Morocco the last time he was there. He might have been right at that time – as he was using even cheaper hotels ( probably something like 50-80 Dirhams a face) we were in this time (75-125 Dirhams a face). But what we saw during our trip this time – you can find pretty great hotels for very little money. For 230 Dirhams for a room for two you could get a very nic... read more

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