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How to Visit Las Vegas on a Budget

Las Vegas is a wonderland full of bright lights, gaming action, all-night parties, Broadway shows, dazzling fountains and themed hotels. Known as one of the most popular bachelor and bachelorette party destinations in the world and a hot-spot for eloping and spontaneous marriages, Las Vegas also offers tons of activity and fun for everyone. There is so much to get involved in when visiting this exciting and thrilling city in the State of Nevada.

If you have your heart set on traveling to Las Vegas this year but are hesitant due to the expensive hotel room rates, dining venues and nightclubs, consider these 5 budget-friendly tips.

Book at the Right Time
One of the major mistakes that people make when booking a trip to Las Vegas is booking on a Friday and for the weekend. If you can arrange the days off with your work, book in the middle of the week when hotel rates are considerably cheaper. Weekends are much more expensive when it comes to Las Vegas hotel room rates and overly crowded.

If you are visiting with your family, booking a hotel from a Monday to a Monday may be your best bet or possibly Tuesday to Tuesday. A popular tip for all of those who are planning a Las Vegas getaway, avoid major holiday weekends at all costs unless you are one of those lucky wealthy people who can afford shiny things.

Book as a Group
You can save a lot of money by traveling as a group and by booking a hotel room with friends. If you can all fit into one car and one hotel room you will save money in a big way. Get your pals together and split all the costs including gas and snacks along the way.

When Buying Alcohol Think Outside the Box
Remember that if you choose to have a few cocktails before hitting the world-famous 'strip' of Las Vegas, buy bottles at the local grocery store. If you buy liquor and beer on the strip, at the hotel store or at the hotel bar, you will lose a lot of the money that was meant for Las Vegas buffets and other various treats during your visit. There are many bars on the strip that have inexpensive drinks, but if you want to dance the night away at a Las Vegas nightclub, you might break your bank on the entrance fee alone.

Gamble Wisely
When you want to try your hand at lady lucky, choose the cheaper tables with the cheapest minimum bet. Start small and stay small. Play on the slots and give yourself a cut-off point. Sometimes the cheaper tables come with free drinks so be nice, tip your waitress and stay on top of what you are spending at all times.

Take Some of Your Own Snacks
Dining in Las Vegas can be quite pricey and if you truly want to save some money while there, you should take some of your own food. Eat lightly in the mornings, spend 15 dollars on a decent buffet in the afternoon or evening and fill in any hunger cravings with little snacks like trail mix, protein bars, bagels etc. Stay hydrated during the Summer months as Las Vegas is in the dessert and become quite the oven.

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