Travelling? Know what Food and People to Avoid

You are all set to go on a vacation, your air tickets have been booked and you are waiting to board. But you are hungry and you are not sure about what to eat before you get into the plane? If you are wondering what kind of food is best before travelling, maybe the following will help.

Avoid eating junk meals
These restaurants are generally found in the airports and are not the best thing that you should eat. Experts say that burgers and fries contain a lot of fat, and the body also takes time to digest the food. If you eat this before you board a plane, you might even stop the blood circulation in your body because you are only sitting in one place for a lot of hours with no activity at all. This can also lead to swollen feet and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT means that there will be a blood clot formed inside your body, and when it bursts it can cause severe damage to your lungs and heart.

Avoid alcohol
Generally, people drink alcohol before travelling, because of their fear of heights. They use it so they can sleep all through the flight and avoid any contact with the window. However, consumption of alcohol before getting onto a plane can be quite dangerous because it will definitely give you a good amount of sleep, but once you wake up, it is very difficult to get you back to sleep. The alcohol intake in your body does not allow you to sleep any further.

It is always better to not fill your stomach too much and avoid the above before travelling. You do not want to be too stuffed. Besides, there is plenty of food and beverages on the plane for you to consume.

The other part about travelling is the people you travel with. If you travel a lot, you probably know what kind of people you will be bumping into. However, you cannot control the people who you are going to be with and hence, you will have to stand them. There are different kinds of people that you come across when you are travelling.

1. Extra large people
When you are on the plane and the person next to you is a little overweight, it becomes difficult for you to move. This person needs a little extra space, which means that they use up half of your chair as well. These people do not let you stretch, which then gives you leg cramps.

2. People who snore
So your partner is snoring, and you cannot sleep. You probably put your headphones on because you think that this can stop the noise. At a point like this you cannot really do anything; you will just have to deal with it.

3. The touchy people
The other kinds of people are people who cannot talk without touching you. It can get quite irritating when a complete stranger keeps touching you every time that they need something. If you are not a picky person, you might be okay with these kinds of people, but some can find it really annoying.

With people like these, your flying experience could be thumbs down. But maybe you could just ignore these things and enjoy being in the clouds for a bit.

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