How many should be in your travel group for the best holiday?

Go it alone or take your friends along for the ride? When planning your dream holiday, how do you know whether youíre brave enough to hit the road solo or whether youíd enjoy it more with other people by your side? Here are the benefits of travelling alone, going with another person or being part of a group.

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Travelling alone

Travelling by yourself might seem scary but itís getting more and more popular as global transport improves. Imagine being able to map your route, choose your destinations and achieve your dream trip without anyone else in your way!

When you travel alone, you can truly experience all of the places you visit without having to see them through someone elseís eyes.

Travelling alone can also give you lots of confidence as it provides you with a challenge. When you find you can order a meal, stay in a hotel and find your way around in a new place, you wonít be able to stop yourself feeling proud of your achievements.

Itís also a good chance to meet new people and interact with locals in a way which is more difficult when youíre in a group.

Travelling with one other person

A romantic trip
A holiday with your partner can be a great chance to get to know each other better, especially if you choose a romantic setting. You can have fun enjoying each otherís company, away from work and other commitments.

Itís a good idea to draw up a list of what youíd each like to do to avoid any arguments and organise travel insurance so you wonít have a nightmare in an emergency (Insure and Away offers bespoke travel insurance for couples).

Going away with a friend
Travelling with your best mate can be a fantastic way to spend time together, save money and avoid going it alone. You could also end up with some fantastic memories which will last a lifetime. However, if you fall out with each other, youíll still be stuck together for the whole trip so choose your holiday pal wisely!

Beach Trekking.

Travelling in groups

Family travel
While there might be lots to sort out prior to the trip (packing, tickets, family travel insurance etc), having a family holiday can be a nice way for everybody to spend time together while enjoying a new place.

If you travel with your family, youíll also know each other well enough that hopefully there shouldnít be too much conflict while youíre away Ė or youíll at least be able to sort it out quickly!

Travelling with mates
Going away with a group of mates can be great fun, especially if youíve all got similar interests. Itís also good if normally you donít always get enough time to spend together due to work or other commitments. You can also guarantee to feel safe and comfortable with people you know and trust, which is important if youíre going somewhere new.

Going on a package tour
Booking on to a holiday tour in a group of people you donít know is a good chance to get to know new people (although of course you donít know how well youíll click until you get there!). Itís still exciting and a good way to explore a new place in the safety of a group.

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