New Travel Site Unveils Exclusive Tools and Features

A new travel site has just been launched, a site meant to function as a one-stop online experience helping people take their travel ideas from dream to destination. The new website, AARP Travel, has been created by AARP, the nonpartisan nonprofit with a goal of turning peoples dreams into real possibilities, help communities to fight for issues that matter the most. Right now they have a membership of roughly 38 million. The new website offers different exclusive tools and features like Trip ... read more

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Want to travel for free? Take part of #RockYourVacation contest

If you'd like to win a VIP getaway for you and for five of your best friends, now is your chance. You can have the chance to win the VIP getaway by entering Experience Kissimmee's "Rock Your Vacation" video contest on Instagram. The contest was launched on February 3rd an will be open for submissions until March 16, 2014. The winner will be receiving a 5-night VIP trip with a stay at an amazing vacation home and an SUV car rental for a week. Well, among a number of other exclusive experiences th... read more

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Great holidays with motion sickness

Never had a problem with it myself, thank god. But those who do...keep reading. If you or someone in your family suffers from motion sickness then you have an extra element to prepare for when you think about traveling for the holidays. Not everyone experiences motion sickness the same and it may not happen every time. For example some people get motion sick on a cruise ship but not while they are in a car. Others may get queasy when they are on a train but not on an airplane. Common sympt... read more

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How to pack for your holidays?

My own packing is a bit different from the rest of you. As long as I have my laptop and its charger, I'm already half-way packed. So instead of my version of it, even though I do know you'll get to read that soon enough as well, here's a bit better version by someone else: We have all seen those people with tons of luggage arriving at the airport or traveling on the highway with their car crammed so full of items that they passengers have very little room to breath. There are ways to pack lig... read more

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Ghetto fighters and female soldiers

When I was at the museum of the ghetto fighters, a group of female soldiers took a tour. Two female sergeants stood apart while the privates sat separately. Some wore sandals.......others, shoes. Nothing fancy for obvious reasons. I saw perhaps some irony in being in Israel and seeing sabra female soldiers who had no experience of Diaspora anti-semitism / diaspora mentality/ fears and norms.....trying to understand the ghetto experience and constant fears of the ghetto life. Perhap... read more

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Travelling just a bit too fast, am I not?

Well, in all honesty, for most people but me, it really would be just a bit too fast. On Thursday I was in Milan, same night in Ventimiglia, next early morning (Friday) Nice, today St. Raphael and now Sainte-Maxime. That is pretty fast isn't it, you can't really see much during the time. But for me, it's perfect, that's the reason I don't like the travel packages, they usually expect me to stay put in one town. Not really for me, even though I should try that out some day as well. I like moving ... read more

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Sainte-Maxime, here I am

I'm here, I actually sticked to my impulsive plan and arrived Sainte-Maxime like I had planned to. Well, yes, the plan was born about 5 hours ago, but still. Plan nevertheless. One point for me. So far the town looks nice...okay okay, I've only seen the small bus station and a bar I'm sitting in right now (and the 50 meters between the two) but looks good! Even though...I'm starting to remember that maybe this town didn't have sandy beaches either, but rather small rocks compared to nice's b... read more

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Changing your mind is Healthy - St. Raphael (or Saint-Maxime)

So yesterday I was thinking of renting an apartment in Nice for a week or two and now I'm on a train towards St. Raphael in order to take a bus from there and go to Saint-Maxime. Nice is great, I really like the city, but I'm not terribly fond of the beach there, instead of sand they have a rocky beach area. So I was looking for some nice beaches nearby and found Antibes (quite near to Nice), Saint-Maxime, Le Lavandou, Hyeres. Ah yes, I also found a 65 euro plane ticket to Biarritz on 15... read more

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Cheap isn't always cheap - especially if you're stupid

Here I am, in Riga (Latvia) airport. It's 5.21am and I arrived here more than half and hour ago. Why is it so that transportation arrives earlier than it should only when you don't really need it...or would rather prefer couple of hour delay? I guess that's where Murphy's laws pop in. While I was still waiting for the bus in Prnu, after I had had couple of beers in my brother's place, I realized once again (yeah, I tend to discover some things way too often, again) that I really shouldn't ha... read more

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Preparation for the trip

I bought my plane ticket from Riga to Milan on Monday. Unfortunately I couldn't find any great buses to Riga, so even thought my plane leaves at 11.40am, I'll be hopping on a bus 2.20am, arriving in Riga around 3 hours later and then will have something like 6 hours of time to do nothing. Well...that's what you get if you buy as cheap flight tickets as possible. Ryanair - right now though, even their cheap wasn't too cheap. Cost me around 100 EUR. For Ryanair it's not cheap. But one way or an... read more

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November 24, 2008 trip to Morocco & West-Sahara

A friend of mine has asked me quite a few times if Id like to go to Morocco with him. Hes been there before but thought that even though it shouldnt be too dangerous, he wouldnt like to take the trip to West-Sahara, more specifically Laayoune alone. Last time he was in Morocco his bus caught fire, go figure. I do hope it wont happen this time, at least not while Im there. Or if it does, I hope I can at least get a few good shots of it. If I remember correctly (well, I got my friend to ... read more

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And the journey begins...

Until now Ive usually gone abroad about once a year. Main destination has been France. Ive hitch-hiked, taken 12-hour night trains and of course, used a bit more comfortable way of traveling floating through air on planes. The upcoming plans however have just a bit different expectations, mainly frequency-wise. I intend to go to a new trip every 2 months if not a lot more often and write about it, show you pictures of the destinations, videos and a lot more. Im not a plan-ahead guy so I ... read more

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