Honeymoon in London

Not so long ago, the only highlight honeymooners strived to capture is a beach holiday. Today, the story is different; couples will travel for miles, even across continents, for that perfect and unique experience. Creating a unique and memorable experience is a significant consideration while tailoring a honeymoon itinerary. Narrowing the destination is among the top challenges, with many impressive regions across the globe to consider. The best part is that air travel, with amazing deals from Cathay Pacific services, makes it a lot easier to pick any destination and travel without breaking your bank.

Honeymoon provides the chance to set the tone of your life with your partner. The last thing you want is to create first memorable experiences as a couple that sets you apart. Therefore, as you pick the destination, you need to carefully consider your partner's interest and pick a region that marks most, if not all, the boxes on your checklist. Among the top honeymooner's destination is London. The ever-dazzling city, featuring high-rising classic architecture, numerous shopping spots, entertainment zones, lively nightlife, and captivating museums, among other highlights, offers an unmatched charm for the newly-weds to set their frame in the right direction. If you are considering London as your honeymoon destination, here are a few ideas to include in your plans.

Tour Natural History Museum
The museum is packed with lots of fun activities, including exploring the rich flora and fauna, checking out dinosaur skeletons, and the earth galleries comprising fascinating geology and minerals of the world, to mention a few. The best thing, however, is enjoying ice skating. If you aren't good at it, don't worry; there are lessons, lasting around 50 minutes, doubling your honeymooning joys with learning a new and fun activity.

An elevated London Eye view
Among the must-check items to include on your bucket list while honeymooning in London is the magnificent ferries wheel, located on the South Bank of the River Thames. Taking in the London Eye view, an engineering wonder is quite fulfilling, and you can kick the experience a notch higher and ride it. This offers a breathtaking view of the city, a feature that makes the London Eye a tourist delight, attracting millions annually.

Chocolate tour
How would you like to add a little sweetness to your honeymoon? The walking tours, either in Soho or Mayfair, are quite relaxing, and as you sample various chocolate flavors, you get a chance to kick your honeymooning efforts a notch higher. Get a taste of some of the world's best chocolate flavors in the tours, lasting around 2 hours, while enjoying informative chats in small groups and exploring confectionary through Soho and Mayfair's streets.

The Tower of London
The Tower of London is among the world's most popular forts, and over time, it has served various purposes. Originally, it was the royal residence, and over time, it has served as an armory, barracks, zoo, prison, an execution site, and a museum. This is an ideal honeymoon destination, especially for history lovers. The architectural marvel has a lot to offer, and due to its proximity to other equally amazing sites, you can spend the whole day or more exploring London's rich history. Such sites include the Royal Mint, White Tower, Royal Beasts, The Ravens, and The Crown Jewels, to mention a few. Don't forget to carry your camera; this is a site you'll want to capture as many photos as possible.

Oxford Street
How would you like to go on a shopping frenzy? Your honeymoon can't be complete without a souvenir, if not a collection. London offers a rich shopping experience, and among the must-visit site while on a shopping spree is Oxford Street. With over 200 luxury outlets, department stores, and branded stores, your shopping quests can never go wrong. Oxford Street is popularly known for its fashion and boutiques, providing an incredible chance to wow your partner with an exquisite collection from the latest fashion provided by the top brands. You may want to grab an extra suitcase; Oxford Street will most likely give you goosebumps as you explore the magnificent collections looking for the perfect souvenir.

Tour Little Venice
Is it that time for a quiet getaway? Taking a boat ride to Little Venice is among the most romantic getaway. After a fulfilling endeavor, satiate your taste buds from one of the fantastic waterfront restaurants and wind down the day in one of the pubs. You could also kick the tour a notch higher by checking our Puppet Theatre Barge for rib-cracking puppet shows. Afterward, enjoy some private and romantic time with your partner on a gorgeous houseboat. While honeymooning in London, Little Venice is a must-visit offering an unparalleled experience that makes it easier to create memorable moments.

Stroll along the South Bank
Famed to be London's cultural heart, the South Bank is an ever-vibrant and a must-visit that lets you take in the best attractions in the region. The South Bank has everything you need for a romantic getaway from theatre performances, cultural festivals, events, and exhibitions, shopping, eateries, and bars. The lively stroll is also a chance to check out the magnificent Imperial War museum exteriors, pass by the House of Vans, Big Ben, and the House of Parliament, among other inspiring and eye-catching attractions.

St Paul's Cathedral
This is among the top items of any tourist's bucket-list while touring London and it is even better with your partner. St Paul's Cathedral is a popular landmark and among the most toured sites, attracting millions worldwide. Located at the highest point of Ludgate Hill, the church offers an inspiring view as you explore the interiors and the striking décor.

Painshill Park
Located a few minutes from London, the popular park is among the must-visit sites, built during the late 1730s. Check out the Turkish tent, old Chinese bridge, amazing lake, ancient Gothic temple, and breathtaking grotto, among other incredible features.

London has a lot to offer, and regardless of your taste, your honeymoon itinerary can never go wrong. With the above pointers, among other picks such as London Bridge and panoramic views of the London skyline from the Shard, to mention a few, you can create an enticing and exceptional honeymoon experience you'll treasure for years to come.

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