Great Tips on How You Can Travel Like a Local

The true culture of a city lies among its locals who do not spend much time in tourist-filled places. Rather, getting your way through a city like a local enables you to engage yourself in it. It adds something exceptional and genuine that you cannot find in a cathedral or a museum. After getting much experiences in it, I have discovered some tips which can help you out when you are trying to experience a foreign culture.

1. Do not only depend on travel guides
I often bring along a guide book every time am visiting a new place. However, I do not rely on them for every single thing I do and you shouldn’t either. Even the budget-friendly books will advertise particular tourist attraction sites that you can perhaps do for a much cheaper cost; however, they may not even be necessary on your trip.

Such books are perfect at selling things. On the other hand, the local residents do not advise their favorite places because they do not want them to be crowded with tourists.

2. Simply get lost
Getting lost is usually unavoidable in a foreign place. Therefore just allow it to happen and do not freak out provided that you feel safe, obviously. Missing your way will lead you to other paths you did not know about, and to places and people you would never have come across without getting lost! You will find yourself meeting more people with very interesting cultures and this will make your trip more fun and memorable.

3. Travel around the suburbs of the city
The suburbs are commonly not considered "central," literally. These areas do not have numerous tourist attractions. This is where the locals stay and spend most of their time. You will be able to see the city through their eyes here. You will find schools, small family-owned stores, and restaurants with dishes authentic to the place you are visiting and at are very affordable.

4. Get more information from your friends and family
I often try to visit places where my friends and family have lived or are presently living. This way, they can give me advice from their own personal experience as a local. Even if you know someone who knows someone, please do not think twice about contacting them. They will certainly be of great assistance to you.

5. Make friends with the caretaker
This will work best if you are staying in a hostel. Here, the caretaker is more likely to tell you the whole truth about everything. They stay and work in the city and they almost certainly know how to avoid tourist traps.

In conclusion, remember that you can always stay safe by making intelligent choices and trusting your judgment. My most memorable and fulfilling trips were the ones where I actually engrossed myself into an unknown culture. One way to achieve this is by having a healthy balance between being a traveler and trying to be a local.

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