Want to go to a Caribbean cruise? You could get it for free!

Mmm, Caribbean. Whenever I think about it, it kind of takes me away from the reality for a moment. For a moment life is a bliss. And then a moment later I start to see dollar signs in front of my closed eyes. And I remember that there's a reason why I often hitch-hike. The reason being too much money spent on beer. Of course. What did you think?

Fortunately, Princess Cruises has just announced a campaign called "The Campaign to Escape Completely". Escape from what? From unemployment, from empty pockets, from Mitt Romney.

From now through November 6, 2012, they are giving away FREE Caribbean and West Coast Getaway cruises. All you need to do to have a chance to win the free cruise is be registered to receive emails from Princess. Each week they are hiding 10 Golden Tickets in the emails. Additionally, you can participate in "Ballot Box Trivia Challenge" by playing their trivia games.

For more details and rules of the promotion, be sure to visit www.princess.com/campaign

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