Are you used to traveling alone?

If you're like me, whenever you go traveling, you don't really feel like waiting for someone else to join you in your trips. It's not that I don't want company, I do, but it's simply a lot easier just to decide one day that it's time to go, buy your plane tickets or prepare for a hitch-hiking trip and take off. Without too long notice. Getting someone else to join you this way, getting the dates set so that they would fit for everyone, experience shows that it's not so easy. It's a lot easier just to go alone. While it might not be as interesting, it does give you lots of freedom to do what you want and when you want it. Plus, what I've noticed during the years, when you are traveling alone it's a lot easier to meet new people.

Of course, an option somewhere in between would be finding people you don't know (yet) to enjoy your holidays with. For example, UK travel company Just You is offering escorted tours for people like you and me, single travelers. You can click here to book your singles holidays with them. They are offering the tours in more than 40 countries.

So if you like traveling alone without waiting for anyone to join you, yet you don't feel like wondering around on your own all the time either, there are ways you can do that as well. There are lots of sites around the internet offering you the chance to find other people traveling in the destination you're currently enjoying yourself, there are sites like Couchsurfing that can help you with free couch or even a single room or apartment. This not only gives you the chance to travel more cheaply but also gives you by default access to local people to hang out with. And of course, there's also the option to book an escorted tour for single travelers.

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