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Ice hockey in Israel?

The Cheers Travel /
Israel - Israel travel journal. / post by Seymour Lipschitz

Ice hockey:
Israeli team with Canadians and Americans and Canadian refs, and a Russian I am really confused.

So I make this beautiful trip from Carmiel in the Nortwest of Israel to Metula, the farthest north place in Israel........

I find this cute bed and breakfast right at the border (I drove along the barbed wire fence).

A guest, American lady who made Aliya with her 11 year old son from Manhattan, tells me that the Jewish World Championship Ice Hockey Tournament is happening 2 minute walk from the motel and that the USA is playing Israel in 5 minutes.

So I grab my Minolta and Buddhist book called "Anger" ( too much info?) and headed down.

The center was given by Canadian Jews. It has ice hockey, swimming, jacuzzi, spa, massage (Jewish massage...."Oy did that hurt!")

So I see my firsticed hockey match ever.....and in the Holy land!...Holy Shit!

I wander around the rink, take a few shots and watch the USA beat Israel 4-3.

The gold will be on Wednesday, in 3 days, for both adults and 18 and under.

The best teams, USA and Canada, are at a university /Canadian level.

Not professional/not NHL.

So I go over and talk to the Israeli players and find out that all but 4 on the Israeli team learned Hockey in Canada or the USA. 4 learned entirely in Israel. the Metula Center is the only ice rink in Israel and is about 3 hours from Tel Aviv.

Funny when an Israel player with a totally American accent calls an opponent "you pussy.!"

The russian announcer says "Unsportsman Conduct." So I talk to him and write down the correct term: "Unsportsmanlike conduct."

I do it in a friendly supportive manner and he appreciates it. We talk later.

So here's the Jewish championship play by play action:

".......and Cohen passes to Steinberg....Steinberg skates past Lieberman.........

Oh what a block by LipShitz! Oh no! A penalty is called on Lipshitz.

LipShitz is irate. And Lipshitz called the ref a "Dipshit."

Oy vey....Lipshitz is ejected.

Oh no....Lipshitz is going ballistic!!

He removed his kipah and he's trying to attack the ref!
There are at least 10 Jews around the ref trying to protect him from Lipshitz.

Hold on.............the announcer has tried to stop the fight by declaring a minyon!!!

Oh my God.......Lipshitz and the ref and the others are divining!

This may be the first time in the history of ice hockey that, not only did a fight break out but.......
............a hockey fight has turned into a religious service!!!!

Oh my God!........Only in Israel.!

shechianu.....vekeemahnu, veheegeeahnu, lazman hazeh. !!!

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