Arriiba! Mexico!

Yes, you are right. Without even noticing it, I've fallen into my summer-mode. What it means is that I get even less work done than in my winter-mode and all the work I do is preferably done outside in the sun. Of course, working outside in the sun has its own problems.

Firstly, if it's not warm enough, you can't really work, can you? Then again, if it's too warm, why should you be working when you can do so many other things. If the sun is not shining, you might not get into the good enough working mood. Then again, if it's shining too brightly, how the hell are you supposed to work with your laptop? I have a feeling you are starting to understand why I'm not the most productive person in the world, this table...where I am actually sitting alone right now.

And when I do work, I tend to get off-track. Anyways, as the summer-mode goes, it also means that I want to go travelling again and for me the places to go (or where I've always wanted to go) are Mexico and pretty much any nice country in the Caribbean. I get that itch every year, once or twice. Or all-day long. And I just noticed that Riu Hotels & Resorts expands in Mexico, Caribbean and Costa Rica. They are going to open four new hotels in the area and also overhaul four more. Riu Hotels & Resorts is one of Apple Vacations' hotel chains that have gained the most popularity over the recent years. Last year 10 of their hotels were also awarded the Golden Apple Award for their great service.

Considering who I am, and the fact that I can't really plan much more than 3 hours ahead (and even those plans tend to fail), for me Mexico might come this year or 2081. But if you're into it as well, check out some more about Riu Hotels & Resorts.

Riu Hotels & Resorts expands in Mexico, Caribbean and Costa Rica

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