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Day 5 - Nice weather, nice people, wifi and nice sights - all in Nice

The Cheers Travel /
Italy, France - Thought I'd go travelling alone again. First destination Milan, main time in Nice, France / post by Siim Einfeldt, Day 5 of the trip

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Without knowing what to do really, I decided to walk around the Nice again, found a 4.50 half a litre bear in the port area, enjoyed the sun near the Nice port and did nothing.

I guess that's what a real vacation should look like for a normal person. Drank some beer again, can't do without it, talked to the hotel manager I'm in - Hotel Darcy...the 40 euro not so good hotel. But it just got better, for me anyway. Not the room, or anything else like that. But, as I'm working on my vacation as well, then internet in my hotel is great. I asked the hotel manager if he had wireless there, he said just bring your laptop and I'll give you the password. They don't have their own wireless but there's a hotel Baccarat just on the other side of the street and he knew their password, which he gave to me as well. So I was smoking and drinking beer on Darcy's balcony, doing something with my laptop every once in a while and decided the hotel isn't that bad. Rooms might not be so good but everything else is - the hotel manager (at least one of them), the internet, the location. So I decided to get a room in the same hotel for tomorrow night as well.

The thing is that I *might* get a bit better condition for a bit better price (35/night) but these are all IF's, especially during the high season. Tomorrow I'll get another room, we'll see what that will look like.

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