Big difference between Israelis and Arabs,muslims

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I am writing from Carmiel, a newish town in the mountains 45 minutes east of Haifa.

From my friend's balcony, I see an arab town and can hear the beautiful muslim call to prayer.

If we were in Syria..........they would not allow a jewish call to prayer from loud speakers.

I was reading the instructions for my friends anti-depressant medication.

The instructions are in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

Think about it.................

It is standard for instructions and traffic signs to be in Arabic as well as Hebrew and English.

They are user-friendly to Arab citizens of Israel.

Contrast that to the attitude toward Jews and Israelis in Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran etc.

There.......for decades, they did not recognise Israel and would not even utter the word "Israel."

They would say "the zionist entity."

They still don't acknowledge any Jewish right to a Jewish state.

Israelis are fair, rational and civilized in many ways.

How does a civilized nation deal with countries which are rigid, revisionist, anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, childishly fanatic and stupidly macho?

What a difference in each approach to the other.

In 1947, Israel accepted a Palestinian State along side a Jewish state.

It could have been over......with peace then.

The Arab insane rigidity and intransigence have prevented them from statehood.

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