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8 things you see in Israel but not in the USA

The Cheers Travel /
Israel - Israel travel journal. / post by Seymour Lipschitz

1) Israeli guy taking a lead on the sidewalk, about 3 feet from the curb. He faces away but pees none the less.

I was driving by with avi driving and I said to the guy who peed....

"Sir, you can't pee like that on the sidewalk in America."

I said it with a smile and he smiled back and kept walking.

Avi laughed.

2) 2 handles/buttons on each toilet. One for pee and a little flush one for poop and a big flush..........only in Israel !

3) Arguing with major use of hands. Talking with major use of hands and touching the other person.

4) A 70 year old woman offering to give me a hand job for $20.

5) A guy fishing from a pier with a 12 foot rod but no reel. Just a line attached to the end.

Fishing in 5 feet of water.

6) Israelis trying to surf in the ocean with absolutely no waves.

7) Women and girls walking alone at night on the side of the road. Too dangerous to do that in America. !

8) Kids at a pool, problem.

I'm still at the kibbutz.

Avram showed me how the cows are milked totally automatically by computer driven milkers.

The cows line up by themselves.

They enter the milking cage.

The laser guided suckers reach up from below and find the teats in about a minute of searching.

The suckers latch on to the teats and milk the cows.

The computer knows which cows have been milked and how much milk was given. (each cow has a device around her neck)

The cows comply with this because being full of milk becomes uncomfortable so they want to be relieved of the pressure.

The cows can line up to be milked any time. They usually go at around 2 a.m. and perhaps 4 or 5 a.m.

Whenever they want. No humans are involved.

I asked Avram

"If you drop your pants could the laser-guided milk suckers find your pecker?"

He smiles and said "yacholeeoht." ("probably")

Jokes about peckers always work here in everywhere.

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