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Israel vs. the USA

The Cheers Travel /
Israel - Israel travel journal. / post by Seymour Lipschitz

There is a more chaotic, take the law into your own hands here in Israel.

I recall getting my camera stolen by the teen next door in an apartment.

I called my Israel friend Avi and told him that i knew the kid in the next apartment had taken it.

He said not to call the police but simply to knock on the door and when they open the door, go inside and look for it.

That would not fly in the US. In the USA your home is your castle. Your property is sacro-sanct.

Anyone who forces entry in a home in the US is fairly likely to get shot.

It should be noted that recent court cases in the US show that if an intruder comes in your home in some US states and you shoot him in the back on the way will be found guily of manslaughter rather than murder, if the dude dies.

I did not do as Avi advised and never saw my camera again.

I may have mentioned that when I did not yield to a dude crossing the street on a crosswalk.....he banged on my car.

In the States, that would result in a violent argument and possibly a fist fight.

But here, with the porous, looser boundaries of personal is not such a horrible offense.

I have noticed that Blacks in the USA are extremely sensitive to casual touch by a white person and call attention to it, expecting an apology. Black on Black touch among friends in the USA is quite normal.

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