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Israel - you don't see these thingsevery day

The Cheers Travel /
Israel - Israel travel journal. / post by Seymour Lipschitz

More things you don't see in the USA that you see in Israel...........

  • a guy shopping in the supermarket with a pistol in his belt.
  • guys hitch hiking with machine guns/ M-16s
  • dogs walking in the city........alone
  • people yelling at cops and gesturing aggressively

    The Land of Milk and giving me gas.

    Israelis are quite intellectual and scholarly.........
    ................jokes about diarrhoea go over big here.

    Some people go to Israel and find their Jewish heart.
    Others look into their hearts and find Israel.


    The perennial Jewish Existential question.........
    "To kvetch or not to kvetch........that is the question!"


    The constant Hedonistic threat to the Jewish soul...............
    ................"To eat, or not to eat........that is the question."


    Will Rogers: "I never met a man I did not like."

    Shmuel Liebovitz: "I never met a blintz I did not want to eat."


    So I've been picking up hitch hikers between Metuala, (farthest point north) and Kiriyat Shemonah 5 miles away.

    PIcked up this guy who said he was a Shaolin master of Kung Fu, Karate, Tai Chi, etc. studied in China. HE works here as a farmer.
    I asked him for a demonstration.
    He was about 35 years old.
    He gathered his "chi"/ power, and did push ups on his 2 index fingers only.!!
    He actually did one handed push ups touching only his index finger and his thumb.
    He said he could do a hand stand touching only his 2 index fingers, but that it was extremely difficult.
    He showed me how to deal with an attacker with a knife so the knife cuts the attacker.
    He was a commando here.
    He studied martial arts in China.
    He has a video of his life which I hope to bring to the USA.

    You meet some really interesting people here hitching in Israel.

    Danny and I picked up 2 Chassidim near Safat in 2005. We took them to the shul/gravesite of of the Shulchan Arouch. and famous Kabbalist.

    Tomorrow my nephew Yair is coming for 3 days adventure up here in the north.

    I can see Lebanon right here at the border
    and I can see the distant mountains of Syria.

    I read about a psychiatric condition here in Israel where non-jews and jews come here with no psychiatric history and have delusions about the coming of Christ or the coming of the messiah.

    There is a special hospital which specialises in religious delusions.

    One story had to do with two non Israeli Jews who came here separately, both claiming to be the Messiah.

    Doctors introduced them to each other and..........
    ...........each said the other was a fraud :) :)

    ........only in Israel!


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